Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis at the FSC Marbella

What makes us noticeably different?

The the goal of “freedom from pain” is just the beginning. Even more interesting for us: Where does the pain come from? What is the cause? And more importantly: How can we eliminate the cause in the long term?

A central element of the diagnosis is the so-called gait analysis. For this reason we start with the most modern analytical computerized technologyto solve a mysterious puzzle: a person’s gait!

In more than 80% of patients wrong gait patterns are the cause of back pain.

We analyse the gait of our patients with a so-called “Pedobarograph” which measures the pressure distribution in stance and during walking. Based on this computerised measurement and analysis, but also of course based on the clinical experience of our therapists, we can draw many conclusions about the cause of the pain.

This method can also detect and demonstrate the functional effect of foot deformities or general deformities of the locomotor system in gait patterns on various graphs. It is also a great tool to visualise the change of load distribution during gait after a surgery or a functional treatment.

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