Golf Concept

The Golf Concept of the FSC Marbella

You enjoy golf but want to improve your golf swing?

With our Golf Concept at the Foot & Sports Clinic Marbella we will work on your body restrictions, elasticity, and stability; the three key elements to improve your technique and performance to make golf more enjoyable!

Our Golf Concept approaches the analysis of the swing technique and a biomechanical analysis of the player, making us able to detect insufficiencies of the locomotor system and errors in the swing technique. With the corresponding treatment these insufficiencies can be corrected or at least improved. Due to this complex and detailed approach through various professionals from each field and their cooperation, we are able to achieve a significant improvement in movement patterns, allowing the player to perform an effortless, self-confident and consistent swing.

This consists of:

  • Step 1 – Golf technical analysis by our Golf Pro.
  • Step 2 – Biomechanical assessment by our physiotherapists with computerized diagnostic imaging.
  • Step 3 – Orthopaedic examination by Dr. Spurek.
  • Step 4 – Summary of findings and treatment strategies for the player.

In our opinion there is no “perfect” golf swing, only a personal / individual one that can be consistently repeated in a healthy dynamic way.

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