Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy at the FSC Marbella

The new understanding of pain

Pain is the language of our body; it is the body’s warning to protect our musculoskeletal system. And it helps to prevent more damage happening to the body. Nevertheless – you want to get rid of your pain – we can help!

Our new method of treating pain is, unlike anything that we know of at the present time, totally free from side effects. It is applicable to more than 90% of known kinds of pain. With finger pressure and stretching exercises it can eliminate the cause of the pain in a few minutes and fix the problem permanently.

Pain therapy technique

The treatment procedure used in this pain therapy involves the stimulation of specific pain pressure points which leads to the release of muscle tension. This, followed by specific stretches that can be done as exercises at home, assists the body in re-establishing the balance of muscle activity. A permanent, pain-free situation, completely free of medication and surgical intervention is thus assured.

This procedure can be applied to all types of pain ranging from acute to chronic or degenerative pain. Patients whose condition is considered untreatable can also benefit from this Pain therapy to relieve and improve their quality of life.

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