Personal Training

Personal Training at the FSC Marbella

Our personal trainer offers an exclusive and first-class service for all around fitness, nutrition and athletic performance. We promise commitment to guarantee your personal training success. We offer workout sessions at a place of your choice.

This can either be for individuals or small groups.

We care for you holistically to achieve your personal goals, your fitness level or age is not important. Our unique combination of a precise nutrition programme and different training methods will bring you guaranteed success.

We promote success and motivation in your training. Your demand for health, overall satisfaction and efficiency is ensured by our universally trained and experienced personal trainers.

  • Sling training
  • Park Training
  • Golf Training
  • Core Stabilisation / Coordination / Balance
  • Fitness Circles
  • Running / Jogging / Walking
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Group Training (2-3 people)

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