Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at the Foot & Sports Clinic Marbella

In the Foot & Sports Clinic Marbella we carry out surgical and non-surgical treatment of sports injuries and resulting pathologies of the locomotor system due to incorrect athletic training. Besides surgical treatment and urgent ambulatory wound treatment we can supply our patients instantly with the latest orthotics and any kind of custom made orthopaedic devices.

Our department of physiotherapy is prepared for the specific needs of the athlete and with the newest therapeutical equipment we can develop an instant sportstraumatic rehabilitation program.

All our physioyherapists are treating active athletes on national and international levels and are familiar with physical conditioning and training and treatment of injuries.

Apart from the treatment of typical sports lesions and the consequences of incorrect posture we can create an individual training plan to avoid and prevent further injuries.

In cooperation with the trainer we can assess and evaluate an athlete’s specific problems during complex movements and treat them. We therefore can provide assistance during the various phases of training.

For recreational, sportively active patients we can achieve a much better performance and a better response to body impact with the help of all the above mentioned aids.

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