Wellness treatments at the Foot & Sports Clinic Marbella

Restoring flexibility and movement

Our massages will complement any physiotherapy treatment or exercise programme.
Stressed? Tight muscles? Or simply want to complement your exercise routine or rehabilitation? Our licensed massage therapists offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience that addresses and relieves pain through myofascial release. Treat your body and mind with various massage techniques such as classic massage, sports massage, reflexology etc.

Magnetic Field Therapy

In magnetic therapy a magnetic field is created around the part of the body to be treated using an electrical device. Pulsating energy fields penetrate the tissue for a deep-seated healing effect. This bio stimulation activates the body, oxygenates the blood, creates a feeling of well-being, promotes the body’s own healing power and strengthens the immune system. The main field of application clearly lies in painful illnesses of the musculoskeletal system. Magnetic therapy has no side effects.

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